Friday, January 31, 2014

Just Another Day In The Snow

Sophie Clare woke up and the first thing she said she needed to see if the snow was still here. 
Yep, it was still there.  We are relaxing on sofa and she is busy getting herself dressed.  She was ready to play in the snow. 
Needless to say, she needed on just a little bit more clothing. 
I love this girl so much!! 

Finally, we were outside and ready for a fun filled day in the snow. 

I took her turtle lid off and we used it has a sled. She like it ok but it was not her favorite thing to do.  The first few times we tried it was great and then I pulled her to hard. She ended up doing a forward roll. haha I finally got Jamie out there to video her and then she was done. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the video. She want to scoop snow with it at the end. 

Then is was off for another walk. We walked to the highway again just to see how the roads were, they looked a lot better. 

Sophie Clare loved playing in the back of the truck. 
This is the best we did on a snowman. 

I wanted a cute pic of SC blowing snow out of her hands and she was not getting it. So Jamie was showing never happened. Oh well. 

Again, if you follow we on Instagram, you saw a video of SC rolling in the snow. 

I always look like I am struggling when we take a selfie shot. From now on Jamie is going to be the camera man. 

We ended up going for a walk to my parents to see what they were up to. 

Visited with Cloey a bit. She was a pretty snow dog. 

Then is was back home to get snuggled in. 

Another successful day in the snow! 

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