Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ice Skating Fun

Saturday was one of the best days! 

Our friends Dustin and Cassy moved to Huntsville a while back. We have been able to only visit with the one time considering Jamie is in school and has tons of homework. But on that note, MARCH 10 and he will be finished!! 
Anyways, he had 2 weeks off for Christmas and Saturday was his last day of fun.  We met The Wehunts at the ice skating rink around 2. It was super crowded. I could not get over how many people  had the same idea. Sophie Clare was pretty excited. I was a little nervous if she would even be able to balance on the ice skates. 

I wear this scarf all the time and I know it. I bought a new one and I am looking for more. I know that some of you have to be tired of seeing it. 

Look at my wrist...........Do you notice, canon?? Yes I had my good camera and still used my iPhone. 

Sophie Clare did a really good job. 
She did fall a couple of times but smiled the whole time. 

They were all out of the little "walker" things. 
I think she would have done great with one of those. 

We skated for about an hour and that was enough.
 It was a good workout and lot of fun. 

Easton, Sophie Clare and Jaylin

I love this girl and miss her like crazy!! 

Then it was off to the mall..........
Sophie Clare was beyond excited that they had a bouncy trampoline in there!! 

Getting ready to jump, jump, jump! 

And blast off!  I think she jumped higher than ever before! She smiled the entire time. 

Then it was off to dinner. Cassy is always said how yummy Chedder's is. I was excited to get to try it. At first there was a 40 min wait and we almost did not wait. I am so glad we did.  We only waited about 10 mins. 

Dustin giving me the number 1 of excitement for the night! haha 


The bread is delish and has a sweetness about it! 

I had a hard time deciding what to eat.  I had some fabulous and the best fish taco's at Niffer's one time and I have not found any to beat or at least be almost as good. Except for mine.  The waiter said they were good so I tried them. They were scrumptious. 

Jamie had the Salmon and is was very good.  I may get that when we go back. 
Cassy says the ribs are great and theyy looked yummy. I should have tried a bite. I can't remember what Dustin ordered but I ate a mushroom off his plate and it was fabulous. 

The kiddos were so good and sweet. 

We had such a blast and hope to do it more often when Jamie gets out of school. 
Love you guys to pieces!! 

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