Friday, January 10, 2014

Same Pj's, Different Day

It has been super duper cold this week.  I think our low on Monday night was 7-10. Tuesday was just as cold. I am thankful for a warm house. I am also thankful for a husband that made sure we were Winter ready  so that our pipes would be toasty warm. ;-)  I have not minded being stuck inside to much.  I have got a few things done and of course enjoyed my sweet angel. 

So what have we been doing on the cold days and nights. 

First, you will notice that in all the pictures that Sophie Clare has on the SAME footed PJ'S on. Second, if you read this, you will also learn they are not all taken the same day. I think she loves her footed pj's. 
This was this past  Friday .  She is relaxing on the sofa, eating a little popcorn and cheese. 


I washed them Saturday morning before we left for Hunstville. 

This was Sunday night. 
Thankfully I had washed them, she wore them all afternoon. We did not have church that night, due to not knowing what the weather was going to do. 
We snuggled in and did some painting. 

She does not sleep in them but the minute she woke up, she wanted them back on. 
So this is Monday! 
We worked hard in her room on Monday. We cleaned out the toy section of her room and it is much better!!  While I finished up, she did some cooking. 

 Cutest little chef in town! 

Monday night I did a load of laundry and decided to put the pj's in. 

Good thing I did, it was still really cold and she wanted the pj's back on.  She looks so cute in them and it makes me think of her when she was a baby!
 I loved her in little sleepers. 

She is so rotten! ;-) 

Our weather is not near as cold, today the high is 54. 
That is much better than 10 or 16.

I know that most of you are ready for Spring, I am too. 
But, I still want snow for us to play in!!  

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