Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Phone Photo Pile Up

Happy Wednesday!!

It is a beautiful, sunny and very chilly day! 

I take oodles of pictures with my phone! I am constantly having to dump them to have more space. I LOVE INSTAGRAM and only try to do 4 pics a day on there. It would be easy to just go crazy.  
So I am dumping some pics that I want to remember! 

Last week when it was so cold. We had ran to Wal-Mart and did not plan on going anywhere else. We decided to hit the mall, in our very dressed down attire.  Thank goodness it was not crowded. It gave Sophie Clare the opportunity to burn a little of her energy off. 

She never gets tired of playing on the cars. She is pretending she is a rescue girl. 

I love catching her in little moments. She use to not play by herself at all. When it is just us, and I am a little busy, she will entertain herself. It is so sweet to walk in to see what she is up to. I have said it 100 times, I LOVE how huge her imagination is. 

Back to school we went last Wednesday for only an hour and a half. I  thought it was a good day to start back getting into the routine. 

Ok, confession..........I have gained weight! There, it is out for the world to know. I have never had to worry about weight but for some reason at thirty (cough) six..........I am going to have to start. ugh!! So anyways, I bought us (me and SC) a trampoline.  So, if you have any advice, I am all ears! 

The trampoline is getting used! Not as much as it should I am sure of that! I also signed up for SPARKPEOPLE.COM
Check it out, it is a really neat website. 

Sophie Clare loves the trampoline! 

For jumping, playing with baby 

Sitting and reading to baby....

Or just relaxing! haha

I am so proud of her
 She got an IPAD for Christmas and she is being very responsible with her time with it. She never stays on it to long. 
Just a little resting after school. 

I was cooking breakfast Saturday morning and I was kidding with SC about making up her bed. I know she is little and that is a big job. She told me she did make up her bed. I was super proud of her and she did a great job! 

Saturday, we tried the movies again.  Sophie Clare attention span is better with tv but still not great.. We went to see Frozen and it is sooo good! I just loved it. Sophie Clare did really good. She did tell me she was ready a couple of time and close to the end she was looking at my phone. haha 

After the movie, I let her shoot basket ball. 

Remember my last post about footed pj's...............
Look what we finally found!! 

Sunday, my brother and his family met us for lunch at Lions's Den.  It had been a whole week since we had seen them. 
We were pretty excited! 

Sophie Clare picked out her outfit for school on Monday.  ;-) 

When she go home, we just worked in a workbook and did a couple of crafts. 

I got out "my" My Little Pony's and we played  with those. It was lots of fun and brought back lots of memories. 

Well that is a wrap! 
I hope you have a great rest of the week! 

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