Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bouncing With Carver

I hope you all have been enjoying this beautiful Sunday! 
 It is so pretty outside and it not to cold. 

I am not sure how I do not keep up with blogging daily  but I do not.
So here goes nothing........

February 6, we went with Natalie and Carver to the bouncy place. They pretty much had the place to them self. It was tons of fun watching them play and even us big kids played. 
They get along so well and enjoy each other. 

Lots of climbing........


and just hanging out. 

Sophie Clare has tons of energy and this is a great way for her to run it off.  She goes non stop while she is in there. 

Not real sure what they are looking at but they sure are cute! 

After we finished bouncing, we had lunch at Pasquale's, then did a little looking around town. 

It was a fun time had by all!! 

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