Monday, February 17, 2014

NO SCHOOL, It is a Snow Day

Last Sunday night, they called off church because we were expecting SNOW again.  As the night went on, I was beginning to think that it was not going to snow. Then it finally started. I was super excited, more for Sophie Clare than myself.
 She loves the snow! 

The flakes were huge and so pretty! 
I love watching it snow, there is just something about it.........a since of peace and stillness. 

We woke up to plenty of snow to play in! So we ate and out the door we went.  It was not freezing so I did not even out a coat on Sophie Clare. We did a lot of walking, snowball fighting, snowman building and just having fun. 

Every time we head out in the snow, we always take a selfie. ;-) It's just what we do! 

I changed my lense on my camera and decided to take it out in the snow. 
I am so glad I did!! 

Do you wanna build a snowman?? 

I got a good pic of Jamie and Sophie Clare in the snow. I want a good of me and Sophie Clare but I always look like death. 

Sophie Clare eats tons of snow!! 

I just love that sweet face to pieces!! 

I can't believe that I am about to post about snow again! 
 The next one is beautiful!! 

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