Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Winter Wonderland

A week ago Wednesday, school was canceled and Jamie's was off.
 It was a day of WAIT! 
We did not go anywhere because they kept saying the snow was coming. By 4:00, I had just about gave up on the snow.  I got on FB to see what was going on in the Hunstville area just to see if it might be headed our way. As I continued to check, it was getting closer and closer. It started snowing about 5ish .  We continued on with our cooking and eating dinner. At times I thought that it had stopped then the flakes would get bigger. It was beautiful coming down. 
By the time I got Sophie Clare jammies on........
This is what is was beginning to look like.

It was beautiful!! 
 I let Sophie Clare go out on the steps.

She was throwing snowballs at the door so I decided to close it and take a few pics. 

Busy eating snow.

A mouth full of snow.......

I decided to go out with her and we had the best time!! 

After we played, it was time for bed.  I was like a kid, I could not wait to get up and see what it look like! 

There are not words to describe how beautiful, perfect and peaceful it was! 

It laid on the limbs of the trees with perfection. 
Such an awesome sight! 

So magical! 
It was truly a Winter Wonderland! 

The sunshine was gorgeous and the sky was so blue.

The weather was perfect!
 It was not to cold but riding the 4 wheeler, was a little chilly. 

We stayed out in it a lot.
 It was melting fast and we wanted to enjoy it! 

Sophie Clare had a blast as usual!
 She just ran and played all morning long! 

I love how happy she is! 

Her sweet little pose! 

Jamie did go for a walk with us early that morning and rode the 4 wheeler with us for a bit.  He had to go to work around 11 so that cut his play time short. But that did not stop me and Sophie Clare. 

She is about to throw a snowball at her daddy. He had the door open............needless to say we had a few snowballs go in the laundry room. ;-) 

Someone got a little snow on them! ;-) 

Do you wanna build a snowman?? 
 If you have watched the movie Frozen, I know that you are singing the song now! I just love the music in that movie! 

We really needed a bigger hat and a scarf but I was not going in to get it. Our little kit from Target will have to do! 

Our big snowman was starting to melt and lean a little so Sophie Clare ended up knocking down. 
I made a cute little miniature snowman. I think he was cuter! 

Off for one last ride in "what was left" of the snow. 

After we finished in the snow, we headed in to get ready. It was off to the mall to get out  of the house for a bit. 

 We have enjoyed all this snow and I know everyone is ready for Spring. 

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