Sunday, April 20, 2014

Capturing Life Through A Phone

This weather here on Sand Mountain is CRAZY!  It is warm, beautiful and sun is shining..........then the next day, I am having to turn my logs on because it is freezing or drag out our rain boots. You never know!!  So, on the days that it is pretty, we soak up as much sunshine as possible. 

This are just random photos from the past couple of weeks. 

I take tons of pics with my phone so that is what I think all of this are from. If  you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you may have seen a few of these. 
If you don't follow me, you should! Instagram is lots of fun!! ;-) 

Sophie Clare loves to dig.  
 She found her a spot of soft dirt and dug are a nice little hole.  

I bought her this dump truck at a consignment sale and it has been a lot of fun. She fills it up with dirt and then will just empty it back into the hole.  

Looks like we are at the beach doesn't it?? 
We are not but we are pretending. 

I had some real beach sand from our last trip that was just sitting in a zip lock bag and we decided to dump it in our sand box.  It was so soft and made us really miss it!  Sophie Clare ask me just about everyday, if we can go to the beach. I so wish it was that easy, just to pick up and go! 

We have been taking advantage of  "kids eat free" at some of our local restaurants. Old Mexico is one that we go to a lot.  On this particular day, we went to Chilli's.  I got something different on the lunch menu and I was not impressed.  I can't remember the name of it but it was the bowl that had rice beans, lettuce ect. I was a little disappointed.  
After we ate, we went for a walk down by the  lake for a quick stroll before Jamie had to head back to work. 

I just love that she is posing now! 

Oh wow!
 Easter pics...............
I tried taking some in my moms back yard before the buttercups stopped blooming.  
This is one I took with my phone and this was how is was going!  
Oh well, I will just try again! 

Sophie Clare goes from playing with cars, dressing up, playing in the dirt to wanting her nails painted. 
It has been a while since she has wanted her nails painted and I was super excited when she wanted me to paint them! 

My nieces come just about every Friday to play and we love it!  Sophie Clare loves them so much and gets super excited that they are coming. Usually about Wednesday, she is telling me that she misses Emmy and Gracie and asking when she is going to see them. 

This particular weekend , my brother and sister in law were out of town. So we had all weekend to have some fun. 

 They made loop necklaces. 

We played outside. 

Had a snack in the Barbie tent outside. 

And we went bowling!
 They loved bowling and had a blast! 

It was so much fun watching them! 

When Sophie Clare gets tired, you know it. I could not get her to look at me and smile. I said look alive Sophie Clare and that is the look I get. 
Silly girl! 

This was right after she got a HALF strike!
 She was so excited! 

This is Katie, Sophie Clare's sweet friend at church. She is just a doll and super kind!. I am thankful they are friends. 

They were so cute building this tower together! I love seeing Sophie Clare interact and work well with others. 

Sunday night when the CMA's were on, Sophie Clare decided that she needed to perform for us.  She can really get into strumming her guitar.  I usually end up having to tell her to calm down. haha 

Last week, it was a little cool outside and it was super wet. We stayed in most of the day and just played in her room. She LOVES her room more than any child I have ever seen.  
I decided to roll her and leave it for just a bit to see how it would do. I used to sleep in them all the time. I did not make SC. 

 I left it up for about an hour and a half.  
 I thought it was very pretty to have not been up that long. 

It had warmed a good bit so we headed outside to play for a while. 
 She wore her old boots and it was super muddy. 

She loved getting her boots muddy and then wading in the water. 

Sophie Clare goes from playing in puddles to dressing like a little ballerina. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter weekend. 

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