Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dying Eggs and Hunting Eggs

On Friday night, we were more than ready to dye Easter Eggs.  
We decided to use the Kool-Aid again. 
It smells yummy and works pretty good. 

Here are a couple of selfie shots.
 Jamie had a terrible headache so we let him rest while we played. 

I love this girl so much!! 

I love that she has one ribbon in. 

My pretty blue eyed girl! 

Sophie Clare enjoyed it and now for the clean up. 

Saturday was our church egg hunt. 
I was afraid that it  was going to be cool but it ended up being a beautiful warm day.
She looks so big in this picture. She has grown so much in the past year. 
I am thankful for all the time we get to spend together.   

Sophie Clare and Gracie

Emily. Sophie Clare, Gracie and Braden

Ready set go!!
 I love this picture! 
They were so excited! 

Something about this picture just gets me all tickled. 
I did not realize I even took it till I downloaded them.
She is going to kill me one day.........;-)  

Sweet Carver hunting for eggs. 

After they finished hunting eggs, they played on the playground. 


The girls checking to see what is inside the eggs. 

After the egg hunt, we headed back to my moms for a Easter cook out. 

Here are a few pics from my moms and OH YES I forgot to tell you.............
We have a new bunny rabbit!! 

His name is buddy and Sophie Clare is in complete love with him!! 
He is a dwarf bunny so he is suppose to stay small. 

Angie, Buddy the bunny and myself. 

Jamie photo bombing the girls. 

Sweet Emily and Buddy

My mom has the little bitty chair and the girls wanted to sit Buddy in it to take his picture. 

Off for a joy ride in the golf cart with some of my faves. 

We had such a good time!
 I love my family so much!! 

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