Sunday, April 27, 2014


A while back, I asked Sophie Clare what she wanted in her basket. She proceeded to tell me and I made a list. 

Lip gloss
Kitty Kat bars (kit-kat)
Reece Cups

I think that was a pretty good list. 
So she got that plus a few extra goodies that I  found for her.  

I will never get tired of seeing her eyes light up when she is excited and surprised. 

She loved her little t-shirts!  
They are her favorite thing to wear. 

We spend a lot of time at the pool so we can always use an extra beach towel. ;-) 

I found her a cute little Thumb Print activity story book at Life Way. 
She has really enjoyed that. 

Oh this was the best picture and I hate that is is blurry.
 She was super happy about her new bat and ball. 

After all the fun of going through her goodies, it was time to get ready for church. 

One quick picture before church, because that was all we had time for. 

Sweet Sunday school kiddos! 
Hadleigh, Katie, Braden and Sophie Clare

We had a wonderful service at church. 
After church we went to my parents to take a few picture before lunch. 
Some of them turned out pretty good and then some were not so hot. 

And here is a bloopers one. haha 

Here comes Cloey to get in on the action.. She is such a sweet dog. 

Here is my little running girl!
 She runs everywhere she goes. 

After a yummy lunch, we went outside to try out her new ball and bat. 

She is really good. 

My Aunt Janine, me and my mom. 

Here is sweet Buddy the bunny! 

We had a wonderful and super relaxing Easter! 

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