Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Her First Fracture

 On Sunday the 16th of March, Jamie and I went to visit his grandmother in GA. She is in a nursing home there and not doing well.  Sophie Clare stayed with my parents and all the family was eating lunch there after church.  I called a couple of times to check on her and one time I called, they told me she fell off the bed. We made it back home to church that night and you could tell her thumb was still really sore. She did not want me to touch it. 

How did this happen?? 
She and Gracie were playing on my parents bed. It is a new king size and the girls love it. They were doing forward rolls but ended up standing and playing. Sophie Clare had a pillow and told Gracie to hit her pillow. When she did Sophie Clare was to close to the edge and fell off.  My parents said she cried and if she cries, you know she is really hurting. 

So the next morning, we decided it would be best to take her to the pediatrician.   He thought it was best that we get an x-ray. So off we went. We then later go to get my meds filled for a test I was having the next day. We were not home 30 mins, when we get the phone call that her THUMB IS FRACTURED. We head back to town to Gadsden Ortho. I knew what was coming...........A CAST!! I wanted Sophie Clare to be prepared so we talked about it. 

Waiting to see the dr, you could just see her her little face that she was not sure about any of it. 

We talked about the color of cast that she would pick.. She first said red but that was not going to match a thing. haha So we went with a pale blue. 

This broke my heart and I still get tears in my eyes looking at this picture! 
She was being such a big girl and trying to be so big. I did not want her to feel like she could not this picture, she is holding it back with everything she has!! Finally, I told her it was ok if she needed to cry. She is 5 and  it is scary! 

She was very upset when we left so I took her to Wal-Mart to pick out a new anything!!  We ended up with a Hello Kitty Airplane. 

By the time we got home, she was in pretty good spirits. 

It did not slow her down! 

Considering we could not get it wet, we decided that a sink bath would be the best way to go! 

I worried a bit that she would not sleep well that night but she slept like a baby! 

That next day we rested and hung out around the house. 

If you look real close, you can see that the gauze on the end of her thumb is coming out and it eventually came all the way out and she could move her thumb. 
That could not be good..........right?? 

So it was off to the doctor to see if her little thumb was out of place. She was such a big girl! They did a x-ray in the cast and from what it looked like, her thumb was a bit out of place. 

So they took the cast off and put a new one on! 

I loved that she was so happy on this day!!
 It was a lot better than those sad tears. 

 That was on Friday, March 21  that we got t he second cast. I believe that is correct.  We were not to be back at the dr till April 7. Then you will never believe it.............The gauze came out this time I am very frustrated. I felt that because she could move her thumb it was delaying the healing.  We had to be back at the dr on Monday. They took it off  and replaced it again. Cast #3.........I asked if this was a common problem and of course they said no! We are just special. haha 
We did not see the dr that day and did not have any x-rays.  

She was becoming a pro at getting a cast! After getting the 3rd cast we headed to meet Jamie for lunch at Jeffersons. Sophie Clare tried her hand at going to Wal-Mart because she got another cast. Haha  

As the week went on, the gauze slowing came out AGAIN!!! Are you kidding me?? I could not believe, I really felt like it was going to say in this time. It was back to the dr on Friday.  Dr Wilson, removed the cast and took another x-ray.  I could not believe my ears............WE WERE CAST FREE!!  Her little thumb had healed enough to leave the cast off! YAY!! 

Do you see that little white dot on her thumb?? 
That is where is was fractured. 

It was a raining yucky day but we sure were happy! 
Her thumb was very sore all day but then by the next she was all good! 

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