Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break Fun

Our Spring Break was the week of March 24. The weather was super yucky, it was cold and even rained. Not what you want for SPRING break. We had a couple of dr appts that week but we did manage to do something Sophie Clare had been asking to do. She wanted her daddy to take off so that we could go to Chuck E Cheese. So he took off on that Thursday the 28. It was the prettiest day all week. We could not have ask for a better day to go. Sophie Clare was so excited she could barely go to sleep that night. 

Here is her excited face before we left. 

  These days together are pretty special now since Jamie is out of school. Last year he was working hard on papers and did not have any spare time. Thankfully, he is finished.........more on that later. 

Here we all are and ready ride! 

About to go in to have some major fun! 

We had such a fun but it was time to get something yummy to eat! 
We love the Cajun Steamer in Trussville so that was what we chose. It was delish as usual. I got the bayou chicken and the cream sauce is so good! 

I don't remember what Jamie ordered, I would ask him but he is taking a nap. haha 
It was good too! 

Sophie Clare wanted  me to take a picture of her enjoying her food. ;-) 

Then we of course went to another one of Sophie Clare's favorite's........TARGET. 
After that we decided to take her to Bass Pro Shops. She loves that place! WHY?? She loves climbing on the boats and 4-wheelers. Another one of her faves is do the shooting game up stairs. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at Grand River.  

We were in Banana Republic and Sophie Clare walks of to the "MAN" and says oh he looks so handsome. haha  I asked if she wanted her pic with him and she did not hesitate to say yes! 

We had a fabulous day!! 

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