Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Going Golfing

 March 10, we celebrated Jamie's last night of class! We were super excited that he was finished with school! We are very proud of him! He worked very hard and it paid off with straight A's! At times we thought that the year would never end but it did. I will post more on his graduation day!
That is May 2.

So we have had a little over a month with Jamie being out of school and it has been so nice! Sophie Clare LOVES when her daddy is off and loves when he gets home from work. She gets so excited. For about a year now, Sophie Clare has been wanting to "go golfing" With Jamie in school,  he just did not have the time.  He had to put life on hold but it was well worth it now.

 Anyways, the first pretty day that we had, we took Sophie Clare "golfing" 

On Sunday March 30 after church, we went home and got our comfy clothes on. I even let Sophie Clare pick out her outfit. Jamie says I was a push over. haha
She packed up her little golf clubs and was ready to go.

This was the first weekend we were cast free and she was giving me the healed thumbs up. 

While Jamie was getting his golf clubs out of the car and getting his shoes on, we headed down to look across the lake. We went to the state park in Guntersville. 

A sweet couple took out pic. 

Look at those 2...................2 peas in a pod. 

Getting the ball on her T just right. 

Keeping an eye on her daddy and making sure she is doing it just like him. 

Besides the driving range, they have a nice little putting green. That was the most fun for us all. We will have to go play putt-putt really soon.  They have a really nice one at the Falls. 

Working hard to get it in the hole. 

I even got to get in on the fun! 

My 2 loves! 

When we finished up, we took Sophie Clare down to the fake "beach" to walk around. 

We ended up cutting it short because we thought we had church but ended up not having it.
 Oh well...........
We still had a super fun day!! 

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