Friday, May 16, 2014

Last Day Of School and Pre-K Graduation

It is hard to believe that this year is over. Seems like yesterday she was just learning to walk and talk. I have said this a 1000 times but time has just went by so fast. I can not believe that she is going to be starting Kindergarten in August. I want treasure each and every day with her! I know I am going to blink and Summer will be over. 

Wednesday was Sophie Clare's last day of pre-school.  

I can't believe how much she has grown. She is my long tall sally. I was thinking all year that I could not tell that her hair had grown but it has a ton! It needs a good trim.  

On Thursday, we went over to April, Luke and Lila's to have a little graduation play-date. 
  They have the best time together! 

Time for Graduation! 

Is is really this time already?? 
She is not suppose to be graduating pre-school!
 She is still my itty bitty baby girl!

She was so super duper excited about graduation. She talked all about it and told me everything they were going to do.  She told me before that she was going to wave at us. It is always so crowded so I was a little afraid that she would not find us but she did!! 

She looks very unsure in these pics and she loves to people watch.
 I could tell she did a lot of that. haha 

They played the bells and Sophie Clare loves it! 

Lined up and ready to get her little diploma.

After the program, we went back to the classroom to take a few pics. 

Sophie Clare loved that the girls and Aunt Annie came! 

My sweet little graduate. 

Ms. Heather and Ms. April
They were so sweet and patient with Sophie Clare. 
She learned so much this year and we were very blessed with these 2 ladies! 

Sophie Clare and her best buddy, Luke! 

Ayden  and Sophie Clare 

It was a great night with full of wonderful memories!! 

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