Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

My Mother's Day  celebration began on Wednesday at the Mother's Day Tea with this pretty girl! 
Those little moments are so special and I  treasure them! I wanted a sweet baby for so long!  Finally after being married 11 years I was blessed with this sweet girl!! There are some days that I long for another sweet baby but I look at Sophie Clare.............She is smart, beautiful and healthy and for that I am blessed more than I could imagine. 

She came in the door bearing gifts. I received a beautiful flower, a sweet card and hand scrub that she made all by herself. 
A big thanks to her teachers for helping make it a very special day! 

She is a rotten mess and I love her!! 

Sophie Clare had a plan for my mother's day. 
She planned on going shopping with her daddy and knew what she was going to get. 
She would whisper to her daddy her plan. So that Saturday night before, they headed off to dinner and a little shopping. 

That morning she had me this cute dress that I am wearing in the pics. 
She did a fabulous job picking it out!! 
She also got me a cute pair of gold flip flops that I love! 

We were running a little late that Sunday morning so it was one quick picture before we left. 

When we go home, Jamie took a few more pics with my no lipstick self. ;-) 

She is giving me love but it looks like she is melting! ha 

That face owns me!!!! 

We headed to my moms as soon as we changed for a yummy feast! 

I enjoyed holding sweet baby Charlie as she slept!! 

Oh she is just sweet as sugar!! 

Sophie Clare had been wanting to hold her for a while and I told her she had to ask Natalie. She did and did such a good job! Charlie may  not look all that comfy but she never fussed and ended up falling asleep. 

I am so blessed to have a sweet, kind, caring and Godly mother! 

Sweet kiddos were ready to ride the golf cart but I had to get a pic of them first! 

After we finished at my parents, we grilled out and enjoyed a fun night of playing ball in the yard! 
Those are the most fun moments!! 

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