Friday, May 9, 2014

The Montgomery Zoo

After graduation, we decided to take Sophie Clare to the Montgomery Zoo.  
I love animals so I probably was more excited than anyone. 

These birds were so pretty, they were so bright!! 

This little girl was feeding a bird with a stick, Sophie Clare did not want to do it. Although she did not mind watching the little girl. She is such a people watcher. 

When I was a young Warthog.......... 
I could not get that song out of my head after seeing this guy. 

There is glass behind Sophie Clare so it is hard to see but there is a tiger behind her. 

He did not move but when you talk to him, his big ears would lay back. 
Yes, I talk to the animals. ;-) 

These monkey's walked past lots of trees to climb this particular one. They climbed it and broke off a branch to eat. 

The giraffe's are so cute!! 

Now we are off for a train ride. 

Love this girl with my whole heart!! 

We had to wake these guys up to get any action from them. 

In front of Sophie Clare were 3 baby jaguar and a mommy. We could have set there and watched them forever. They were playing and just kept something going the entire time. They even tried to get the mommy to play but she just growled at them. Guess she had had enough that day. haha 

We had such a good time and loved the Montgomery Zoo. 
 We were able to see the entire zoo in  about 2 hrs.  
I think that is pretty great. 

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