Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jamie's Graduation

Thursday afternoon, we headed out to Montgomery. Jamie worked hard for an entire year to finish his degree. At times we thought the year would never end and then looking back, maybe it was not so bad. We did some what have to put life on hold but it was well worth it to see the smile on his face when he was FINISHED! 

We made a few little stops along the way and just enjoyed the drive. 

Then we got to enjoy a "stand still"  in traffic.  We were not even in Prattville yet and we sat in traffic for about 2 hrs. It was not that bad, we had a cutie pie in the back seat entertaining us. 

My parents also went, I am glad they were able to share the special milestone with us.   Believe it or not, this was Sophie Clare's first time to stay in a hotel.   We always stay at a condo at the beach so this was exciting to  her.  

All we talked about was her getting to go swimming! 
She could not wait!!

Oh how I love that sweet face!!  

At first she was a little nervous and had forgotten that she could swim but it did not take long or to many screams for her to realize that she still had it. 

That morning was a get up and get going kind of morning for the adults. As you can see, Sophie Clare did not have a care in the world. haha 
She just relaxed with her water and Ipad. 

Now, on to Jamie because it was his day!! 
 I just can't tell you how proud we are of him. It is tough to have a family, a full time job and finish a degree  in one year with straight A's.  But it anyone could do it, it was him!  

Sophie Clare was super excited for her daddy! 

It was a Faulkner's Football Stadium and it was a beautiful day! 
I worried that is was going to be cool but it was just the opposite.
The sun was shining bright right in front of us. 

Waiting and ready to see her DAA.

We had to be there at 9 and it did not start to till 10. Needless to say SC was withering from the sun. 

Then it was time to cheer!! They started right on time and it was over by 12. 

Looking for his family.............

Hey, he found us!! haha 

Jamie Ryan Griffith



It was a fabulous day and a day we will always remember!! 

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