Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Carver Turns 3

On the Memorial Day, the 26th..........
We celebrated Carver's 3rd birthday. I can not believe he is 3! He is the funnest 3 year old I know and the cutest!  He has been talking forever and if I just get down to it, I  really don't remember him not talking. haha 
He is super smart and I love being around him! 
He had the best "dispicable me" pool party. Everyone had a a great time! 

Sophie Clare loves her some Carver!! 

Braden and Carver

Sophie Clare, Emily and Gracie

Natalie did a great job on the party!
 Everything was super cute! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Carver!! 

Birthday present time!!!
 He got lots of fun stuff! 

Now that the cake, and gifts are finished the kiddos can swim!! 

Sweet Charlie!! 

They all had so much fun!! 

Just look at that sweet smile.......................

I would say he had a great party!! 

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