Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our Days Go A Little Something Like This

So far our Summer is kicking off great and not to busy! We are loving no schedule and no where to be on most days!  We are relaxing in the mornings or at least Sophie Clare is. 

Our sofa always seems to look like a bed. That is Sophie Clare's go to spot to rest, eat a snack or play on her ipad. 

Playing Library

Our little bunny is doing great. He has the longest hair I have ever seen. 

Before the pool was open and all the cousins were out of school,  this was Sophie Clare's favorite thing to do. 
Just a water hose and a sprayer............who knew she could be so entertained with  just that?? 

A little digging in the dirt road. 

She loves to wear stuff. She rode her bike some but for the most part, she just wore the helmet. haha

We have made pickle pops and they are the bomb!! 

She has been doing art.
That is Curious George and The Man In The Yellow Hat

She had her hair braided and I took it down to re-braid it. She wanted to look at it in the mirror and said it looked gorgeous. She wanted to wear it like that to town. It did look cute and a perfect Summer do. 

We were at Emma Kate's in Attalla and we decided to play dress up for just a min. 

The pool days are one of her favorite things to do.  

It so much fun to have cousins to play with! 

Well that is how we kick started our Summer, nothing excited just hanging home and enjoying life!! 

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