Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fizz, Boom, Pop at The Library

 Gadsden has a great Summer reading program and we always get the schedule to see what looks like fun.  We did not go to all of them but the 3 we went to were fun.  They  have 2 shows and we always went to the 9:00 show. That way, we could get back and swim...............because that is what Summer is all about! ;-) 

(all phone pics) 

The first show was from the McWain Center in Birmingham.
 It was all about science and fizz, boom, pop. 
It was really neat. Sophie Clare enjoyed it but at the end was getting a little bored. 

The next show we went to was an oldie. We have seen it several times but Sophie Clare always loves the animals. Plus this time was extra fun with cousin Emily getting to go! 

The monkeys were our favorite! 

This guy was probably the best! 
He would look out at the crowd and just grin.. I can not describe it on here but bless him, he did not have any teeth and that made his smile even more entertaining. The crowd loved him! 

Next up, was a one man circus show and it was the best by far! We laughed and Sophie Clare really got into it! She clapped, participated and smiled the entire time! 

I could not get over how funny he was!
 He was very talented! 

Well that wraps up our library fun! 

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