Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Phone Photo Dump and Going Home

We had such an amazing time at the beach. I took oodles of pictures and still have more to post. 
Let me #hashtag and say #sorrynotsorry haha 
I love instagram and I did not get to do it a lot at the beach. That drove me crazy!! 


We love going back and looking at our past trips. It is fun to re-live it all over again. 

Elevator selfie

We did go to the outlets but I did not find anything really. 

Sophie Clare wanted to stop at everyone one of these riding things................ugh!! Why would you put one of these on every corner?? So you can tell your child, no we are not riding everyone of  these. 
1. They do not want to get off
2. They are $1.00  (no that is not bad but when you have 30 of them it is) 
3. You have to have correct change (can you say debit card) haha 

We rode 2 of them and that's all the quarters I had. 

Although seeing her sweet, smiling and happy face.................let's do it again!! 

Check out the daddy to Fanny Johnson Burton. 
He was a big one and I am glad I did not step on him. 

A beach trip without going to Souvenir City, just isn't complete. 

I love all of our time together but I really treasured it this week at the beach. Just knowing that she was starting to kindergarten and that our life was about to change made it more special. 

Some guys had been following this guy for a while. They borrowed our net to catch him then threw him back in. 

Good bye beach!!
 We had a fabulous time and made lots of memories. 

I was not ready to leave but it was back to reality. 

But before we head home, just one more stop for fun. 


Bumper Boats

Sophie Clare did great on the way back and loves for me to ride like this. 

Sophie Clare needed a break and we never stop by Peach Park, mainly because we are trying to get home. It was fun and glad we stopped. 

Ahh finished except for posting Sophie Clare's photo shoot. 

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