Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Putt Putt and Our Last Day

What a super duper fun last day!! We packed in just as much fun as we could. We got up and went to Old Time Pottery first. I did not even get up and get ready, I thought that was the only place we were going.  It was an over cast kind of day and putt putt was not crowded.  Sophie Clare had never been before so this was excited to do a first.  She was stoked and could not wait.  

Arrr Matey! 

I love to just sit and watch her. She is so funny. 

She loved looking inside the jail and seeing all the bones. 

She and her daddy doing a little people watching. haha 

Oh the joy that she brings me!! 

We had such a fun time and that will be something we always do now. 

We grabbed a quick bite of lunch and headed to the pool. Sophie Clare was ready to see Mason. 

Mason has a sister and I hate I did not  get her picture. She was such a sweet girl and it was her birthday. 
Celebrating a birthday at the beach, well it does not get any better than that.  

They shared the birthday cupcakes with Sophie Clare and I think she enjoyed it. 
What do you think?? 

Now for just playing time and water gun fun. 

A friendly race on the boogie boards. 

We called a day pretty early so that we would have enough time  to squeeze in some last minute fun. 

We wanted to go back to The Wharf to get my nieces something from Build A Bear.  Gracie wanted a rainbow bear and Emily wanted a My Little Pony. Sophie Clare got her a backpack for her Tiggie. 

When we finished up, Sophie Clare wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel one more time. 

I was trying to get her to take a scared selfie with me and she would not partake in my silliness. 

Eating out and deciding what to eat is the biggest decision we ever have.  The Wharf had a few new places to eat so we decided to try another new restaurant they had.  It was Bimini Bob's and it was yummy!!  It is a branch of Bob Baumhower, as is the Compleat Angler.  I love to sit outside and eat, so this was perfect. 

I love fish tacos and it is hard to find any that are as good as Niffer's in Auburn. 
These were good but still not Niffer's. I may have to make a trip to get me some one day. ;-) 

These were good and I enjoyed them. 
Sophie Clare wanted fish and Jamie ordered shrimp. 
It was all delish! 

After The Wharf, we went to Lulu's. Sophie Clare ran and played. 
She had such a great time. 

Then she wanted to go to The Hangout. We went but big mistake........we love it but it was so crowded , music was so loud. Yes, I know I  have never thought music was loud  but it was just not as kid friendly and laid back as usual.  So we left with Sophie Clare not being all that happy and wishing we had just stayed at Lulu's. 

A walk on the beach and getting your picture made with the guys made it all better. 

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