Monday, August 25, 2014

The Colors Of The Rainbow

For the past two weeks of school, Sophie Clare has had to wear a certain color and learn a Nursery Rhyme. It has been all about just getting to know each other at school and get on a good schedule. 

Purple Day
 This was just a half day and Sophie Clare did great. 
They learned the MOTHER GOOSE song.  She came home singing and I had never heard it. So, if you know the song please clue me in. I googled the lyrics and everything. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and another half day. I love these half days. 

Sophie Clare wanted her picture made with her daddy because they both had there backpacks on.  She loves her daddy so much and loves to give him a hard time. 

On to Wednesday and it is GREEN DAY 

This was the hardest day for me. It was suppose to be a half day but I could tell her teacher was kind of ready for things get normal.  I just was not prepared, I did not have any plans and I cried so much that morning. 7:45 to 2:45 seemed like a lifetime away. I came back home and boo hoo'd.  She even made me a little post it note to put in my car. She told me it was so I would remember her..........Oh how could I ever forget you!! You are my world and my heart!! I told her that I would never ever forget her.!!  Jamie took me to a new place for lunch (blog later about) and we went to look for furniture. It ended up flying by and I was so excited to get her!! I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw my sweet girl. That is the longest we had been apart in a while. ;-) 

She had a great day and her favorite was going outside to play!! 

She missed her baby and wanted her picture made with her. 
So stinking sweet!! 

She was such a sweet girl that night and helped me cook. 

Orange Orange Squished an Orange

Hey Diddle Diddle and Sophie Clare is loving all the Nursery Rhymes. 

It's finally Friday and Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. 

Red Red forgot his head!! 

She asked me why they were learning about colors?? 
 I think she has got this Kindergarten thing!! 

Happy Monday it's Gray Day and Hickory Dickory Dock. 
She was ready for school but to me, she looks tired. 

Brown Day in the Summer time?? 
Old Mother Hubbard 
That was a hard color but we made do with a football t and jeans. Let's just say, she was beyond excited to wear jeans. 

Little Boy Blue.........I think it may have felt blue. 
Blue Day was perfect for Wednesday.  

She was cranky and tired. 

It is hard to send them off when they feel so tired. Even though she was tired, she had a great day. 

Black and Little Miss Muffett. 
.I was not buying anything for this day and we were  good on the other days.
She told me that some of them did not wear the colors so she was good.  The lobsters had black eyes and that counted. haha  
Can you see how tired she looks?? 
That is the look of kindergarten  girl and her first full week of staying all day. 

When she got home, she was feeling much better. 
Our first homework assignment and let's just say she was happy about it. Let us just hope it stays that way. 

She had to color the squares. 

Her daddy asked her if her homework was hard?? 
Her reply with a little sass.........
You think I am in first grade but I am in Kindergarten. 

It's finally Friday again  and it is White Day!
Mary Had A Little Lamb
She was pretty excited about this outfit. She was able to wear tennis shoes and she needed to run fast on the play ground. 

Last day of colors and it's my favorite color........PINK. 
 Jack and Jill 
Can't wait for her to come home and hear all about her day. 

Just a few things...........
They have crickets and a hedge hog in her room. 
She loves  her teacher and thinks she is sweet. 
She and Luke are big best buddies. 
Her favorite time of the day is going outside. 
She is excited about checking out books and going to the library. 

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