Thursday, August 28, 2014

Emily and Gracie's Birthday Bash

A big Happy Birthday to my 2 favorite girls, 
Emily and Gracie. 

We have been celebrating since June the 15 which was Emily's and today is Gracie's. 
August the 9th they had a birthday bash with all of the cousins. It was suppose to be at the pool, but it ended up pouring down rain. 

Sweet Carver and Baby Charlie

The Birthday Girls! 

Emily is all about the loom  and can make anything and everything. She got so tickled when she received 2 of them. 

The big 6! 

And how is she 9?? 

I love these 2 girls so much! 
Happy Birthday Girls!! 

1 comment:

Bama Girl in TX said...

She is adorable as always!! So glad to see school is going well!

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