Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall Festival At School

Before all the fun could be had a school, a lot of time and prep had to go on. From all the tiny details to getting many parents to help.  I tried to help as much as possible and had so much fun doing so.  I was able to be one of the judges at the talent so which was so much fun. I and among many others helped bag candy for the festival. 

That morning they had the top 3 in each class perform their talent and had a costume contest.  All of the costumes were great and very creative. ;-) 

After all that, it was time to have some fun. 

I have said this before, Sophie Clare does not love a huge crowd. I have to brag on her though.............she did a great job in just being her! I was very proud of her! 

Slide fun! 

Spin art
(thanks to all the moms that helped at this booth) ;-) 

Let's go fishing! 

This is one of Sophie Clare's little friends, Cody. 
 They run and play on the playground together. 

Even though they had lots to offer, the main thing Sophie Clare wanted to do was play on the playground. 

Sophie Clare, Luke and Braxton

It was a fun filled day with lots of memories made! 
We look forward to many more! 

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