Friday, October 31, 2014

Red Ribbon Week

All week long, we have been dressing up for "Red Ribbon Week" 
Sophie Clare has had a lot of fun dressing up this week and getting to wear things that not the norm. 

Monday was wear your favorite team and she chose Alabama. Then at the last miniute she kinda wanted to wear Auburn. haha 

"Team up against drugs" 

Tuesday was a great day for Sophie Clare!! 
I am not big on camo so therefore I do not buy it. Sophie Clare seems to love it and I am sure it is because I do not. Nevertheless, I bought her a shirt and had it monogrammed. If I do say so myself, she looked so cute in her camo. 

"Join the fight against drugs" 

Wednesday was finally a normal outfit day. haha 

"Black Out Drugs" 

Thursday was wear red to support "Red Ribbon" week. 

And today was 

"Put a Cap on Drugs" 

Sophie Clare was all about this day too! 

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