Monday, November 17, 2014

First Kindergarten Field Trip

Back on November the 6 was Sophie Clare's  very first field trip! She was pretty excited about it but I think she was little nervous not knowing what to expect. She had to wear this fabulous t-shirt which that was probably more exciting to her than anything. haha 

And she had to ride the bus.  We were going to the Pumpkin Patch in Rainsville. It was about a 40 min drive. Sophie Clare was wondering if it was "a longa way". 

A little blurry but here they came out the door with mostly all smiles. 
It was cool that morning and little messy. 

Getting our things where they need to be and waiting to find out what we get to do first. 

Aiden, Sophie Clare and Cameron. 

and Fallon.

Bless her!!  She gets  nervous in different situations. When she does, it is written all over her sweet little face. 

But then there is that moment and she is ready to have fun. 
Cow train time!! 

Then it was off to the corn maze to find pieces to the puzzle. 

Look who found some..................Luke and Sophie Clare. 

Then it was time to put it together. 

Allen, Sophie Clare and Aiden

Joshua, Sophie Clare, Fallon, Kenleigh and Luke

Me and my sweet girl!! 

Off to the pumpkin patch we go........

A lot of the pumpkins were rotten so you had to look really good. 

Sweet Gavin

Sweet Bailey

So thankful for sweet friends at school. 

Sophie Clare has such a sweet class! We are super blessed with her sweet teacher as well. 

Me and my girl April! 

This was one of Sophie Clare favorites!
 She loved jumping in all that corn. 

Then it was time to rotate and have free play. 

She ran into her sweet friend Katelynn. 
They are not in the same but they have made such sweet friends. 

The kiddos loved this slide. 

The hay bale maze was one Sophie Clare's favorite. 
She loves to run and jump. 

Braxton is such a sweet  heart. 

We had such a fun time and made lots of great memories. 

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