Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween NIght

Halloween landed on a Friday this year and because of football games, most everyone celebrated the night before. I offered to take Sophie Clare but she did not want to go.  She wanted to give out candy and carve pumpkins. That was fine with me. It turned off cold, rainy and very windy. 

I made her ghost banana's for her after school snack. 
Pretty cute!! 

She got some vampire teeth in some of her stuff and they were a huge hit. She wore them a lot! 

Silly girl! 

Our sweet friend Ms. Jeannie sent Sophie Clare a goody bag! 

I played with the teeth and scared a couple of friends via text. haha 

She and baby relaxed on the sofa and watched a little tv. 

I let her draw on the table with chalk. I test a little place before I let her. 
It wiped right off. 

Our first little treats were Luke and Lila. 

After bath it was pumpkin carving time. 

Sophie Clare enjoyed cleaning out the guts. 

We were saving the seeds so that I could toast them. 

Now it was carving time. Sophie Clare did not love that her daddy did most of the work. She just wanted to cut randomly. haha

Happy Halloween!! 

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