Friday, December 5, 2014

Sophie Clare Turns 6

How is it possible that I now have a 6 year old?? 

She has brought so much joy in my life! I don't know where I would be without her! 

She has been saying for weeks "I'm about to be 6" 
I would tell her but you are still 5, let's enjoy it. 

The night before she turned 6. 

After she went to bed, I hung a few balloons up for a morning surprise. 

She did not ask for anything for her birthday.  I kept asking and she never would say so I thought she would love a trampoline. So Thursday night, he went and got it. On Friday morning he put it together. I let Sophie Clare go down to my parents for a bit. She could not figure out why I would let her go outside. That afternoon we had to go somewhere so we were safe with our secret. 

The next day was her big day and  we told her that we  had a birthday surprise. 

We made her close her eyes............

She has them open but not quite looking up...............

and then she saw it. 

She said "I love it" 
This is the best birthday present ever! 

It was super cold that day but it did not stop the jumping. 
I ended up making a fire in the fire pit. 

Later Emily and Gracie came over to jump and play. 
We had a cookie cake and sang happy birthday. 

She also got her Elf on the Shelf ! 

Then after a hard day of jumping, I rocked my sweet 6 year old to sleep. 

Happy Happy Birthday Sophie Clare!! 

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