Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Trimming The Tree

We are all decorated for Christmas.
 I always have put up the trees after Thanksgiving but since this year was a little different since Sophie Clare is in school. I wanted her to be able to help me and a big help she was.  We started Sunday afternoon after church. It was a rainy messy day so what better way to add a little sparkle to the day. 

We started with her tree first and she was so excited.

She decorated it all by herself. 

She did a great job. 

Then this is her favorite, she loves having the village in her room.
  I usually try to put things where they should go but this year I just let her do whatever she wanted. 
She loves it and is very pleased. 

We got out our big tree on Sunday as well but it had about 400 lights out so we saved it for Monday. I did not take any pics of us decorating but Sophie Clare helped the entire time. This was her first year to not get bored with it. 

Love this picture because you can see that little missing tooth. 

Singing around the Christmas this sweet girl! 
She is always entertaining us. 

It sure is cozy! 

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