Monday, March 2, 2015

Christmas Outings

 One Sunday after church, we went to Birmingham to Bass Pro Shops. 
Sophie Clare loves to run around and climb on the boats and 4 wheelers. 

They had all the Christmas fun set up and thankfully it was not overly crowded, Now the line for Santa was a different story. 

This in awful pic but Sophie Clare could not get over this thing. She just kept petting him and wanting to know all about it. 

I'm sure most of you have noticed the cute old green truck outside. I thought oh this will be the cutest pic. 
Yea, it's cute but not the cute I was going for. 
Silly girl would not do what I wanted. ;-) 

After that we went to Leeds to finish a bit of Christmas shopping.  While I looked at jewelry in Charlotte Russe, this is what Sophie Clare did. 

And of course she had to ride the motorcycle or as Sophie Clare says morecycle.  I don't correct her, she will soon enough realize it. 

One Friday night, we met our friends Dustin and Cassy in Huntsville to eat. Since they have moved, we do not get to see them near enough. When we do, it is just like old times, we pick right back up where we left off. 

The 3 kiddos.............
Jaylin, Easton and Sophie Clare. 

We ate at Cheddar's and it was so yummy. 
I love some fish tacos and these were good but not near as good as Niffers in Aurburn. 

After we ate, we headed to The Botanical Gardens for The Galaxy of Lights. 

Sophie Clare had the best time. She was so into each story the lights told.  I loved hearing her and watching her. 

The week of Christmas we headed to the mall one last time to ride the money train.......

and to see Santa. 

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