Tuesday, March 10, 2015

McWain Center Fun

Before Sophie Clare went back to school, I wanted us to go do something fun! I gave Sophie Clare some choices and chose The McWain Center. I think that was a very good choice. It is fun for all ages. 

Jamie was the brave one for the bed of nails. Sophie Clare was not sure about it. 

This was one was fun!
 She loved trying to pull herself up. 

Oh how I love that happy happy face! 

I loved this one! It was fun moving and watching. 

Trying to balance.............

Working with magnets. 

Sending up fog circles. 

Balancing balls on water........who would have thought that could be so exciting. 

Watching us shrink and grow.........I probably had more fun with this. 

This was probably the most memorable.  It was just a jumbled up mess and we all 3 worked hard together to make this happen. 
 We all stood back and admired our work.

Then we let Sophie Clare knock it down. 

On to the fish. 

Digging for dinosaur bones. 

Sophie Clare is learning so much at school.
 She can tell you all about the eagle.

Big Light Bright Fun

Oh this was fun. She rode the little zip line. 
I videoed her so that she could see herself. 

Then has it was time to go, she decided to lay on the bed of nails. 

She also wanted to give the wind thing a try. 

I made Jamie hold her hair so it was not get tangled. 
Needless to say she did not love it. 

Finally it was lunch time and oh so yummy!
 We ate at Dreamland and my mouth it watering just thinking about it. 

Wow, I look tire, . 
and I was 15 pounds heavier here than I am now. 
That is a whole other post!! ;-) 

And I am now mole free on my face.   
I have had lots of changes since the first of the year. ;-) 

It was a great day had by all! 

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