Monday, March 2, 2015

Random December Pictures

After looking back at all these pics, we wore this dress a lot. At least it was cute. haha 

One afternoon at Academy. 

We also stopped by Kirkland's and she said cheese. 

We stopped by McDonald's for an afternoon treat. 

I think she was enjoying it. 

Trampoline fun with Braden 

And we even got in on the fun. 

Love this

This was the first time I got to show Carver the trampoline. 

He was so excited!! 

He got to enjoy it a little while by himself till we went to get SC. 

Jamie actually being a little goofy with me. ;-) 

We were at the dealership getting  a new car and even though we were getting something better, we both were a little sad that we were leaving ours behind.

Sophie Clare cried as I did just a little. This is our little jewel we left behind. We now love our new 2015 Altima and Sophie Clare says that it is magic. 

Silly girl wearing stocking for shoes. 
Never a dull moment. 

We had a hard time finding cute pj's! Thankfully e bay pulled through. 

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