Friday, March 13, 2015

Randoms In Janruary

I take lots of random photos or anytime that Sophie Clare says cheeeese. 
Basically a phone dump. 

Every time we go into Belk's Sophie Clare always loves to sit on these round ottoman.  This particular day I was looking at something and all I heard was CHEESE, CHEESE. I turned and she was ready!! 

We had such a fun day just hanging out. 

A sweet friend had give her some birthday money and this is what she bought. 

Yummy Cookies!! 

She has been wanting to sleep on the sofa a lot.
 This were her showing me that she would go right to sleep. 

She loved her new kicks. 

Every time we go to Old Navy, she has to stop and ask me where they are all going. 
Mom's are going to work out, out with friends, lunch dates.
The men are going to work or they are a coach. 
The kiddos, school, play is all according to how they are dressed. 

Dress up day! 

It was soooo cold one day and she was dying to jump. I was not going but I stood in the window to watch her. 

My little helper! 
This was the day we got everything ready for Jamie to paint the bathroom. 

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