Thursday, March 12, 2015

School Days

Sophie Clare is still loving school. 
She loves her teacher and all her little friends.
 I love picking her up and hearing about all that went down at school. 

I realize now more than ever that I take a million pics a month. Being 3 months behind on blogging is NO FUN. I will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

 Some of these have meaning and some are just because I love to take her pic. ;-) 

One morning before school, it started snowing. 
We were so excited and were hoping for more but this was about it. 

Bear Day

We have celebrated friends birthday's...........
Braxton and Luke's 

We celebrated 100 days of school. 

Sophie Clare is doing a great job at reading. 

And look how neat she is writing.
 I am very proud of her. 

Love that face and her energy. 

Sophie Clare's Valentines. 

Valentine Robot box of of course.
 It is a perfect fit for her. 

She picked out her outfit and decided how she wanted me to fix her hair. 

We have to wear our boots with EVERYTHING. 
She loves PE, especially if they get to go outside. 
She loves to run and is getting faster. 
I see track in her future. 
She is opening up a little more at school. 
She talks about kiddos not finishing there work because they talk. 
She does not have that problem! haha 

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