Saturday, March 28, 2015

Taco Salad, Weight Watcher Style

Jamie and I met at Old Mexico for lunch all the time. 

 Thankfully when I started WW , I was already eating pretty healthy. Of the cheese dip and the chips were not on the healthy side. I cut out the cheese dip and I still enjoyed the chips in salsa. I just ate  a much smaller portion.  I get a chicken soft taco with the cheese on the side. I also would order the pico on the side. I open the taco up and made a small taco salad. It is super yummy and very feeling. 

If you are want a wrap buy the high fiber and take one with you. 

I count this about 5 points. 

At home I made a small taco salad........its not near as pretty but when I got started and was still learning it was very good and still is. Its the quick and easy style. I could add much more to it and sometimes I do. It is just according to how much time you want to put in it. 

This is around 3 points. 

I made this one with the Rotel tomatoes which are free and it was the dressing. 

I seasoned the chicken with taco seasoning.
 2 points for the 1/3 cup each of the beans and corn. 
2 points for the chicken
A total of 4 points. 

All of these were in the first 2 weeks of me starting WW. Now that I have learned more, I will def make a few changes. These will be some of my go to's this Summer. 

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