Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break Begins

Sophie Clare has been on Spring Break all week.
 I think I was more ready for it than she was. 

Last Saturday, we ate dinner at Old Mexico. Since Jamie has started his new job, we have not ate there. It was yummy as usual. Sophie Clare was excited to sit where our names are written. ;-) 

Ole Shifty Eyes.........She has always had them. haha 

She is posing with her daddy. 
She is so silly and always keeps me laughing. 

She then wanted to do it with me. 

And of course we could not walk by and not take a pic. ;-) 

When we finished eating, we ran by the mall a min. After that it was time to head to my brother's church for the Easter play. They always do an amazing job. Chris was the disciple John.  Sophie Clare really enjoyed it and all the girls were so good. 

On Palm Sunday at our church, the kiddos walked around waving the palms as the choir sang. 

On Monday the girls came up and we played all day. Our cousins that live in SC, were here and they were able to play with them some. 

Owen is such a cutie pie. 

This girl is an awesome bike rider. 
I am so proud of her. 

Since Sophie Clare was riding without training wheels,
 Gracie wanted to give it a try. 

She did really good. 

Talking to the neighbor. 

I love not having a schedule and being carefree. 

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