Monday, March 23, 2015

The Snow Kept Falling

We all bundled up and it was off to enjoy the snow falling.  

Snow ball fights were the best and so much fun. 

Packing it together, making sure it was perfect. 

My dad came over to visit and see Sophie Clare enjoy the snow for a bit. We took advantage and let him snap a few pics of us. 

These next 2 are my favorite. 

Pop and Sophie Clare

The snow was wet and by the end of the day, my hair was soaked. 

There is nothing better than walking in a Winter Wonderland.
 It is just so perfect and pretty. 

Sophie Clare loves to walk and run.
 It was the perfect day for that and the roads were pretty much traffic free. 

We decided to get the 4 wheeler out for a little fun. 

Sledding time.
 The is was the best and most fun ever. 

We even pulled her down to my parents house and she is giving me a thumbs up. 

She jumped or at least tried. 

The snow was super thick on it. 

After a full day a playing in the snow it was time to go in and snuggle up.

 For lunch I made a yummy WW Taco Soup. 

This girl was wore out from her day of fun. 

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