Monday, April 20, 2015

1st Soccer Game

Sophie Clare had her very first soccer game Saturday morning. 
She was so excited and we were too! 

A quick pic before we get into the car. 

We were inside out and changed socks when we got there. 
 Turns out we were orange instead of white. 
The plush orange socks that came with the gear were super thick and very uncomfortable for Sophie Clare. 
I talked her into wearing them to the game and if others had on different socks, we would change. Thankfully they did.
 These look and feel so much better. 

Warming up!! 

Sophie Clare is on the shy side believe it or not. 
So this is a whole new world of breaking out of her comfort zone. 

They all took turns sitting on the bench. 

She was not aggressive at all in the beginning. 

But with a lot of cheering and pep talking, by the end of the game she was doing really good. 

Her little team. 

And we got to see sweet Katie!! 

It was a super fun day and can't wait till next week!! 

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