Monday, April 6, 2015

Doctor, Cousins and Rabbits

Wednesday morning, she woke up with her throat still hurting. I called the dr and they would see her. 
I wanted her to give me a thumbs down for being at the dr
. She is tough and gave me a thumbs up. 
It was just sinus trouble and an easy fix. 

Later that afternoon, she was back to herself.
 She and Carver rode the golf cart and then wanted to run. 

I thought they were cute sitting.................

Then I walk around to the front and Carver looked so sad. I asked him what was wrong??
He said I'm never the winner. How sweet is he??  Sophie Clare is a pretty fast runner and will not let him win much. 

Sophie Clare has been asking for a dog or a kitten then she started in on another rabbit. Hers had gotten pretty big and could not really play with it. It ended  up at my parents. She talked me into  it . I knew a girl that had Netherland dwarf and she had 2 left. We met her and got this cute little thing.  

She is in love! 

She really has not named him yet.
 She called him Buddy and I call him Sir Poops A Lot. 

Have you tried this??
 It is yummy!! 

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