Monday, April 6, 2015

Girls Days At Chuck E Cheese

On Tuesday, we went with Angie and the girls Chuck E. Cheese.  Emily and Gracie had not ever been so they were pretty excited. Sophie Clare was just excited to be with the girls. 

Sophie Clare was not her usual perky self. After feeling of her, I realized she had a low temp. You can always tell by her eyes. After we finished, I ran in Target to get her some Tylenol. 
We ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Then it was back to Target, World Market and a couple of other places. 
The girls were so good and once Sophie Clare's Tylenol kicked in, she was feeling much better. 

Sweet girls! 

By night fall, Sophie Clare felt crummy! Her throat was hurting and she is not a complainer.
I let her fall on the sofa with me and she said she need to sleep in her elf pj's. 
You got it sister. 

We were calling the dr in the can't be sick on Spring Break. 

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