Monday, April 13, 2015

Saturday + 2 Girls = Fun

On Saturday after practice, Emily and Sophie Clare saw the sign for the Poultry Fest in Boaz. I think  all they really saw was the bouncy's. Anyways, I called my parents and they met us.  

They first thing Sophie Clare wanted to do was rock climb. It was the best $7.00 I spent.  

The reason is that when we went to the Space and Rocket center, they had a rock wall. We stood in line and SC was pretty pumped. It was our turn and because she had on sandals she could not do it. OH THE DISAPPOINTMENT !! She was about to cry as was I. Anyways that's why it was worth every dollar! 

She is so athletic and has such muscles in her legs. 

Next she and Emily did the bubble ball water thing. 

Sophie Clare seem to enjoy in for a bit then all of the sudden she was done. 
She had the look of  I am scared!! 

Emily worked really hard at moving herself in that ball.  
I don't think it was as easy as it looked. 

When they finished. Sophie Clare played on the bouncy a bit, while Emily waited in line to win a baby chicken.  SC decided she wanted to win one too. Now my dad has lots of baby chicks that just hatched but they still wanted to win them. ;-) 

And here are the 2 proud owners of 2 adorable little chicks. 

They "pretended" to milk a cow. 

We had the best time!! 

We watched the helicopter come in and then the girls were able to see it take off. 

After all the fun, we were more than ready for lunch.
 We ate at Mill Street and it was so good! 

We headed home after that and my dad got the little chicks settled in there new home. He tried to see if one of the other mom chicks would take them but they did not. They just looked at them like they were outsiders. 

We went riding on the 4 wheeler but ended up doing a lot of walking.  

Do you see that little pink dot at the top of the hill. That is my mom.........she was smart. Climbing that hill showed me just how out of shape I am.  BTW, Sophie Clare ran up! haha 

We stayed busy all day. 
 We took the girls to play and Sophie Clare showed off her tricks on the play ground. 

Then is was off to walk down the railroad tracks. 

We found a good spot to walk down to the creek. 

The girls took their shoes off to wade a little. 

After all of our fun...........
Me, Jamie and Sophie Clare went to the Grid Iron in Boaz for some yummy wings!! 

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