Tuesday, May 26, 2015

School Year Wrap Up

This is a wrap up on Sophie Clare's Kindergarten year!! 

Sophie Clare has learned so much this year!! 

She loved going to watch Braden and her friends play ball. 

She has made new sweet friends that she adores. 

Sweet Cameron

She is really hoping that she is in her class next year. 

and Quinton. 

She has learned about the Bald Eagle and loves telling about it. 

She has had the best teacher this year!! 
So loving and patient.
 Willing to go above and beyond to help!! 

After school slushy time. 

She learn to read and it is amazing how quickly they pick  it up. 

Graduation pics! 
It is so hard to believe that this phase of her little life is over. 

Fun day was Monday and she had a blast!! 

I volunteer any time at can at the school. 
 I love to be able to help plus get to peek at Sophie Clare having fun!

They had several bouncy's and slides.........Plus this huge water slide! I think it was a favorite by all! 

I barely got the top of her head!
 She flew down! 

Sophie Clare and some friends. 
Braxton, Bailey, and Gavin

I, along with several others popped and bagged lots of popcorn! 
They also had snow cones and cokes for a sweet treat. 

When we finished up, some of us Kindergarten mom's went out to the track to help. 

Sophie Clare and Cameron were hanging out and holding hands.
 She is such a sweet girl! 

At first she was not wanting to go to school.  I hated for her to miss spending one more day with her sweet friends and her precious teacher. She has loved school so much!!  

Some of her Kindergarten favorites........

Miss. Gilbreath (student teacher) 
When they learned about space
Learning how to do the monkey bars. 
Mrs. Elkins
Singing God Bless the USA
Fun day 
Fire Drill  

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