Monday, June 8, 2015

Memorial Weekend

We love America!! 
We also love the brave men and women that have fought for our country. 

We pretty much dressed patriotic all weekend. 

That Saturday night, we went to Local Joe's in Gadsden to eat and had the best time!! 
I had been wanting to go for a while but just could not seem to find the time. 

Sophie Clare loved it! She is big on people watching so this was perfect! She also loved watching all the boats come in. 
It was almost like we were on vacation! 

She had a BBQ sandwich and then enjoyed a Frios Popcicle. 

After that we ran to Lowe's and Sophie Clare was all about riding in that buggy! 

Our cuties dressed in Red, white and blue in Sunday School. 

As were we!! 

We also celebrated my mom's birthday on Sunday! 

Then on Monday, it was cloudy all day. 
We ended up not doing anything big except hanging out at home. 

Jamie would not play along and dress red, white and blue with us. 

He had to share a coke with the grillmaster............yep that was me! 

We had turkey burgers, mac N cheese, baked beans and potato salad.
 It was all soooo good! 

It was a great low key weekend.  

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