Monday, June 8, 2015

Shopping, Shooting and Burgers

One Sunday after church, we decided we needed a little extra family time.  I wanted to go to Leed's to the outlets and I bribed Sophie Clare with Bass Pro Shops. ;-) 

Our selfie before we left. 

She was in the mood for pics so of course I jump on it. 

She was such a sweet girl while we shopped around. 

When I first told her that we were going to go to Bass Pro Shop, she thought we would just buy a boat while we were there. 

She loves the animals and being able to touch them. 

This is one of the boats she picked out for us. 
 Sure a boat would be fun but I am just not sure when we would go out on it.  

We went upstairs to do a little shooting. 

Then it was off to eat some dinner. 
Red Robin was the winner!! 

I ordered the kids burger and added on a few extras.
 It was yummy!! 

I hope to one day take her to see the real Lady Liberty! 

We had such a fun day!! 
This is Sophie Clare to pretend to meditate on the way home. haha
She saw this on Super Buddies! 
Silly girl! 

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