Monday, July 6, 2015

Kayaking At Big Wills

Saturday, June 20 was the very first Saturday that we did not have one single thing to do! Since school has been out, it has been one thing or another. I wanted to take full advantage of it. I had been wanting to go Kayaking for a while. Sophie Clare was super excited and could not wait.  We had a hard time decided where to go. We ended up at Big Wills. We rented a single and a double. 

This is before we got started! 

The day before Sophie Clare and I had went to Academy. She thought she needed her very own. Since they were on sale, I went ahead and bought her one. 

Here we are just about to put in. I was probably just as excited as Sophie Clare was. 

Jamie has been canoeing lots of times so I thought it was best that Sophie Clare ride with him this time. 

And we are off. ......

We stopped to get things in order and Sophie Clare had a HUGE spider in her seat. I was not sure that she was going to get back in her seat. She crawled in with me and did not plan on going back. Finally we convinced her it was gone and all was ok. 

A little stop of lunch.
 Sophie Clare was the cutest one on the creek. ;-) 

It was so much fun and I am totally hooked! 
I can not wait to go back!! 

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