Monday, July 6, 2015

VBS - Journey Off The Map

Sophie Clare enjoyed 2 full weeks of VBS. She went with Natalie one week and ours the next. She loved every min of it and was sad when it was all over. 

She made such cute crafts at Sardis. 
I loved them!  
It had her sweet hand prints and foot prints. 
Those I will always treasure! 

Our kick off day was Saturday June  the 13. 
 It is always nice to get the first night behind you! 

Katie and Sophie Clare playing. 

Sophie Clare was excited to see her sweet friend Braxton. 

Game time! 

Music is always so much fun!! 

Look who showed up during missions. 

Craft time fun!
Sophie Clare and Jacee

This was Sunday morning. 

My little sneaky snake in the jungle. 

We had such a great group of kiddos. 

Air guitar

It was a great week!!
 With lots of sweet memories!! 

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