Saturday, August 8, 2015

Flippers and Ferris Wheels

Let's just go ahead and point out that she wore this t-shirt a lot. 
I had to keep it washed !! 

Breakfast on the balcony is always way better. 

Then is was off for a walk. 

And a very quick photo shoot in her adorable bathing suit!! 

Lets get in as much swimming as possible because it looks like rain. 

Since the clouds went around us, its time to ride the waves. 

I counted every point while at the beach. Now that did not stop me from eating at night but I did try to stay on track during the day. 

We wanted to see if we could make it down to see the fishing boats come in. So we came in a little early to get ready. 
Needless to say, we missed it. 

My sweet girl and her baby.

We ate at a new place......FLIPPERS. 
I was sooooo good!! 

Then we walked along to look at the boats and fed the fish. 

Then to The Wharf to ride the Ferris Wheel. 

Then is was back to the room to relax and a walk on the beach. 

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