Friday, August 7, 2015

Tacky Jacks and Crab Hunting

We hit the beach first thing on Monday! 

Sophie Clare was ready to ride the waves............

and do a little surfing! 

Later that evening we decided to go to Tacky Jack's to eat. 

Sophie Clare enjoyed playing. 

We did not have to wait long for a table but it took forever for our food. Thankfully we sat outside and Sophie Clare was able to play.  I will have to say that I was not at all impressed with my fish tacos. They did not have any taste at all. 

After Tacky Jack's, Sophie Clare wanted to go to Lulu's to play.  She ended up getting her heart set on doing the climbing thing. We agreed if she was tall enough............she was not. SAD was an understatement.   I cheered her up by going to play some games in the arcade.  

Then we were off to hunt some crabs.

Needless to say, she was more into watching people and seeing what they found. haha 

I got a new hat and this little lady took it over. ;-) 

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