Friday, August 7, 2015

We Are Off To The Beach

We left out for our annual beach trip July 18.  We all were more than ready to call the beach home for 7 days. Sophie Clare was so super excited as she always is. We left out earlier than we usually do.......6:00.  It was well worth it.

 We made great time! 

Sophie Clare and baby all buckled up and ready to go. 

Love this girl so very much!! 

We made it!! 

We made some sweet friends last year at the beach. 
They were camping and  hanging out on the beach.
 We went to join them and let the kids play a while. 

Sophie Clare hit the beach and never let up. 

Sweet Emma and Sophie Clare 

Riding the waves.......... 

Playing in the sand........

Sweet Mason

Splishing and Splashing in the waves........

We had a great time hanging out and visiting. ;-) 

We made it back to our condo for a swim and Jamie picked up wings. We stayed in and rested up for our next big day of fun. 

After dinner, we walked on the beach. Sophie Clare loves just running and watching everyone. 

The Sunset was so pretty!! 

Day one in the books! 

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